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Complete List of Microbiome Diet SupplementsA Healthy microbiome can be restored more quickly when taking specific supplements recommended by Dr. Kellman. We take the guess work out by providing a summary of the recommended Microbiome Diet Supplements. Dr. Kellman’s recommendations are all listed below.

Links directly to the products are included to show you the exact products Dr. Kellman recommends and where they can be purchased!

The following list provides options in random order for each category. Typically you will only need one product in each category. For example, you only need to be taking one type of digestive enzymes. Experiment to see which brand works best for you.

Need a refresher on what the microbiome diet is? (Here’s a summary). Or you can buy the book here.

Here is a summary of the foods recommended by Dr. Kellman.

Digestive Enzyme Options To Aid Digestion

Hydrochloric Acid Options to Ease Digestive Difficulty

Products to Heal and Sooth the Gut

  • Designs for Health’s GI Revive comes in both a capsule and powder form for your convenience and preference
  • Metagenics has a product called Glutagenics
  • Inflamacore by OrthoMolecular comes in a powder in Orange or Banana Cream

Products to Evict the Unhealthy Bacteria from your body

Probiotics to Reinoculate your Body with Good Bacteria

Prebiotics to Feed the Good Bacteria so they thrive

Protein Powder

Swedish Bitters

Weight Loss Products

Now that you have a full list of the supplements Dr. Kellman recommends to restore your microbiome…

Take Action and start supplementing! (Even if you pick just one or two to start with)

Start on your journey to a healthier microbiome and a healthier you.

Make sure you have a copy the Microbiome Diet to act as your full guide.

Below Dr. Kellman discusses how he sees the Microbiome as the future of Medicine

Note: In the book the Microbiome Diet Dr. Kellman lists that he has his own product line of supplements, similar to what is listed above. I was unable to locate the site that was listed in the book, I was redirected to, which is Dr. Kellman’s clinic in New York. I was unable to find supplements listed for sale on this site. If you prefer taking Dr. Kellman’s brand of product, I recommend you call or email his office.



The Microbiome Diet by Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD., 2014