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How I Spend Less than $40 for a Year's Worth of RazorsWhy are razor blades so expensive? It is mind boggling.

Gillette and Schick dominate the market for high quality razors and they know it – charging us a pretty penny to get a smooth shave.

Picking up razor cartridge refills was something I avoided as long as possible. In return, I got a bunch of cuts from dull blades.

Take the sting out of changing your razor cartridge!  I’m going to share exactly how I got high quality razors delivered right to my door for less than $40 a year – you can too! Keep reading to find out how.

It was Time to Break up with Your RazorTime to Break up with my Gillette Venus

I was a Gillette Venus razor girl for many years. Loyal to the brand because I was happy with the close shave it gave me.

Until one day…  it was time to buy my razor refill cartridges. I grabbed an 8 pack of razors, and realized they were $20 bucks!

I snapped. I got mad. I almost wanted to stomp my feet on the ground like a little kid (but I didn’t).

I put the razor cartridge back on the hook. I was no longer a loyal fan. Years I overpaid for razors.  No more. I was not going to buy one more razor cartridge refill from Gillette.

I would find a solution that would give me a smooth shave – without the sticker shock.

Was Dollar Shave Club the Answer?

Where could I find quality razors? The search was on.

I found a company called the Dollar Shave Club. You may have heard of them. They have a pretty funny commercial. It gave me a chuckle.

For $1 – $9 per month you get razors automatically shipped to your home. The cost depends upon the razor you choose (2, 4, or 6 blades). Shipping is included in the cost except the $1 razor has a $2 shipping fee.

The downsides for me were:

  1. There were only three options to choose from.
  2. They were geared toward men.
  3. I’m not a fan of monthly subscriptions – I prefer to buy things when I’m running low and stock up.

The Dollar Shave Club is a great option for many people – set it and forget it. It just wasn’t a fit for me.

So who makes the razors for Dollar Shave Club since they offer them at an affordable price?

Dorco RazorsQuality without Compromise – Plus an Incredible Selection!

Dorco manufacturers razors for Dollar Shave Club. I had never heard of them. Have you?

Turns out Dorco is one of the most popular brands of razors in Asia. The company has been around since 1955. Who knew?

I was very excited to learn Dorco sells their razors directly to the public.  Their slogan is “Demand more for less”.  I’m on board.

I was amazed that they had such a large selection to choose from and the prices were easy on my wallet.

I took a leap and made a purchase.  I had my fingers crossed that they were the same quality I was used to.

Here is what I ordered:

  • Shai Soft Touch Handle – 2 razor cartridges were included
  • Shai Soft Touch Razor cartridge refills (24 count)
  • Bikini Trimmers (3 Count)Dorco Razor Purchase for less than $40

My total with shipping was $32 – I used a coupon along with their current promotion at that time.

That’s a total of 26 razor cartridges. That’s enough razors for me for 2 years (I shave 2-3 times per week).

24 Pack of Dorco Razors

It was a freeing! I could change my razor cartridge whenever I wanted! No more guilt feelings about how expensive they were.

It’s the small things 🙂

What’s the Verdict?

I have been using my Dorco razors since January and I am happy to report that Dorco razors are every bit as good as Gillette’s Venus.

I change my blade more often – no more procrastinating to save a few bucks. In return – no more cuts from dull blades.

Dorco Razor Blade

I get a nice close shave – no razor burn. I haven’t used shaving cream in years – I use hair conditioner instead. A little different but it moisturizes my legs and is 1 less bottle in the shower.

The suction cup for my Dorco razor actually stays on the shower wall – my old Venus suction cup fell off all the time. Especially when I took my razor on and off the suction cup holder. Dorco Razor Suction Cup Stays Put when I want it to

You can check out my full review of Dorco razors here.

The bikini trimmers are awesome. They are small and perfect for trimming in delicate places. I love them.

They have razors like this in the store that retail for $5 each! Dorco sells a 3 pack for $2.75!Dorco Bikini Trimmers

Share with the Man in Your Life

Dorco razors have a full line of men’s razors as well as women’s. There’s something for everyone.

I bought my husband Dorco razors when his Mac3 razors ran out. He said it took a few days to get used to, but he now gets the same quality shave he was used to with his Gillette Mac3 razor.Dorco Pace 3 vs Gillette's Mac3

I bought him the Pace 3 and Pace 6. He only wanted a maximum of 3 razors, he was concerned more razors would cause more irritation.

For now the Pace 6 is still in the box. I will update the post once he tries them out. From the reviews on Dorco’s site – there are a lot of rave fans of the Pace 6.Pace 6 razor

Share the Savings

If you’re ready to start saving some serious money on razors, I highly recommend giving Dorco razors a try.

Share this article so they can stop overpaying for razors too!

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And check out a full review of Dorco razors – covering the all the options you have to save money.