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discharge from baby eyeMy son had a blocked tear duct. It always looked goopy and gross.  Today I’m going to share how I cured my 6-month-old babies clogged tear duct.

Blocked tear duct in infants can be a nuisance, thankfully it is rarely a cause for concern. Learn the common blocked tear duct symptoms in infants. Now you can safely eliminate those symptoms at home.

Blocked Tear Duct Symptoms in Infants

Block tear ducts are common in infants and usually go away on their own by the time the infant is one. Here are the common symptoms:

  • A yellow mucus discharge coming from the eye
  • Eye may tear more
  • Baby may get crusty eyelashes

NOTE: My baby had no redness in his eye, only tearing and mucus discharge. That helped me to rule out pink eye.

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Super Easy Way to Unclog Tear Duct

So before running to the Dr. I decided to try to unclog the tear duct. I figured I would give it a few days and see what progress I made. I’m glad I did.

I very gently rubbed the tear duct several times a day (I did it every time I changed his diaper). The tear duct is the edge of the eye closest to your nose. I am happy to report after 24 hours the discharge was almost gone. 48 hours later it was completely gone. It was gone for good!

I felt this was a very safe thing for me to do at home and I’m glad I did. It was so easy – required no trip to the doctor – and no more discharge.

If your little one has a clogged tear duct give it a try. Hop
efully it will save you a trip to the Dr. like it did to me. If it has not cleared it up or made a difference in a few days I would go to the doctor to have it checked.

Let me know how your babies clogged tear duct has improved – Comment below!

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Learn how to cure a blocked tear duct in infants. It's a simple and effective solution that is pain-free for baby (and Mom too).