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Natural Remedies Asthma Suffers Need to KnowI cured my asthma. I went from using my inhaler several times a  week, to not needing an inhaler for 7 years (my inhalers expired). Learn the natural remedies asthma suffers need to know.  I bet with a few tweaks you can be less dependent on your inhaler too.

Having asthma is a scary thing – and dangerous. The constant worry – do I have my inhaler in case an asthma attack comes on? I remember using a co-workers inhaler because mine was out in the car. I bet you have a story like this too.

What Causes Asthma

Asthma Definition

As you can see from the definition above, asthma is an allergic reaction to something. Symptoms manifest as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

That was the answer to my constant cough while I was exercising at the gym. I bet you have your own set of unique symptoms too.

Identifying the allergic trigger for your asthma is of utmost importance. There can be a large number of causes, most commonly asthma is triggered by allergies, airborne irritants, illness, weather, and medicine.

Here is a full list of causes from The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America.

Change Your Environment

The cure for my asthma came from changes in my environment. It turns out I was triggering my own asthma symptoms without knowing it. Maybe you are too.

Every Sunday I would wash my laundry – every Sunday I would have an asthma attack. The fabric softener scent triggered my asthma.Fabric Softener Caused My Asthma Symptoms

Exercise was a trigger for my asthma as well. Pair laundry day with going for a run and you get a disastrous result.

I simply changed to an unscented detergent and fabric softener. My symptoms almost disappeared.

As a first step, I recommend everyone remove anything scented from their home such as fabric softener, air fresheners, scented candles and anything else artificially scented from your home.

While I love my laundry smelling fresh and clean – I love being asthma free so much more. Now I learned additional reasons to avoid scented fabric softeners and detergents – they are endocrine disruptors that mess up your hormones. Just use plain old white vinegar in place of your fabric softener to naturally soften your clothes.

Take a good look at your environment – is there something that is triggering your asthma?

For a little motivation – here is a photo of my expired inhaler that I never used – I think they actually discontinued this medicine altogether. I filled it and never needed it – see all the refills remaining?

Expired Inhaler

Detox Your Body

We are bombarded with chemicals and endocrine disruptors at every turn. Our body is overloaded with them – so Tea to Naturally Detox

I believe my asthma had a few causes. My body was overloaded with toxins – my body’s filter could not keep up. All the fabric softener I was using mixed with perfume from others in the gym – it was a recipe for disaster.

I was throwing too many toxins at my body – my natural toxin filter just could not keep up.

After I detoxified my body and saw full relief of my asthma symptoms. I bet there are at least a few contributing factors to your asthma as well.

Eat Whole foods to detoxify the bodyDetox is a great way to help your body purge those extra toxins that are weighing down your natural detoxification system – so it can work at peak performance again.

Check out some simple and inexpensive ways to detox your body – lessening your asthma symptoms and making you feel better at the same time.

Action Steps

Pay attention to when your asthma attacks pop up – is there a correlation to anything? Keep a journal. Track your Journal to determine asthma triggeractivities and where you are when you get an asthma attack.

The single most important thing you can do is figure out your asthma trigger and avoid it.

Look at your environment – is there mold in your home?  Indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality. Invest in some plants to cleanse the air or a Himalayan rock salt lamp like we use in all of our bedrooms.

I would strongly recommend going unscented in your home – positive effects will result in the control of your asthma.

While I’m not promising a cure to your asthma like I had, I believe you will see a major improvement in symptoms and management of your asthma.

Comment below and tell me what triggers your asthma and what steps you are taking to keep it under control.

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