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Best Treatment - Asthma Suffers Listen UpStruggling with asthma? Learn the best treatment asthma sufferers should begin to get their asthma symptoms under control.

Most asthma medications suppress symptoms once they arise. And for good reason – if an asthma attack is not resolved the consequence can be tragic.

Most often those of us with asthma are first prescribed an inhaler to use if you have an asthma attack. Sometimes they prescribe medications to help prevent an asthma attack. Rarely does the underlying cause of your asthma get discussed or explored.

If you or someone you love has asthma, I have a message you need to hear.

My Story

I started struggling with asthma in 2002. It began with exercise induced asthma. I was fresh out of college and trying to shed those freshman 15 that I still had hanging around.

Woman RunningGoing for a run was a struggle. Having an asthma attack was a scary thought if I was alone – unfortunately having an asthma attack while on a run was also my reality.

Plus where do you stick your inhaler if you are out for a run? I never found a good spot – but you need your inhaler while running just in case. I bet you have similar frustrations.

When I would go fitness classes at my gym, I often had to stop to use my inhaler. I was hitting  a plateau in my fitness – it was my lungs that were stopping me!

While I’m no longer a runner and have found a faster and more effective way to work out – I still need my lungs to be in tip top shape. Learn how I work out only three days a week and am in better shape after 4 kids than I was in my twenties.

And Then Things Got Worse…

Soon my symptoms spilled over to everyday life and were no longer isolated to exercise. I carried an inhaler in my purse, in my car and in a drawer at home.

I always carried stress in the back of my mind, would I have my inhaler when I needed it most?

One day at work I had an asthma attack. I pulled out my purse to use my inhaler – it wasn’t there. Panick!!! I scoured my desk without luck.  Thankfully a co-worker realized my situation and quickly pulled out her inhaler.  Crisis averted!

At that moment, I knew I had to do something different. I never wanted to be in that situation again!!

Get to the Root of the Problem

Asthma is your body’s allergic reaction to something it has inhaled. Everyone’s reaction will be a little different.

Asthma Definintion

I developed asthma in my early twenties. Since the onset of my asthma was later in my entire life and not in childhood, I knew that something in my life had changed to cause it. I had to figure out what that something was.

If your asthma developed later in life as well, there was probably something that changed in your life and environment to trigger it.

While some of us are allergic to everyday things like pollen, there is also a lot of other potential triggers around us everyday that we could be potentially allergic to.

You need to get the root of the problem that is triggering your asthma. Once you find out your trigger or triggers, you can work to eliminate or reduce them in your environment.

How I Cured My Asthma by Learning My Asthma Triggers

I started to pay more attention my environment – what smells I was in contact with and what I inhaled.

After a few weeks I realized I had an asthma attack every Sunday. Every Sunday I also did laundry. Maybe it was the scent of the detergent and fabric softener?

Fabric Softener Caused My Asthma SymptomsI did a test – I went from scented detergent and fabric softener to unscented. I noticed a big difference right away. I went from an asthma attack a few times per week to once a month (remember the  scented fabric softener lingers on your clothes too).

I realized my body was overloaded with toxins and I need to detox. I learned the foods I was eating had everything on the inside of my body inflamed. So I took steps to detox my body. I adjusted my diet.

I took almost all man made chemicals out of my life – no more air fresheners, no febreeze, no scented candles.

I make my own cleaners instead of using cleaners that I needed to open a window before cleaning so I didn’t get all dizzy and lightheaded. Sound familiar?

Instead I use essential oils for my scents or go unscented. DoTerra an awesome oil called Purify I use as a natural air freshener. You add a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water (or vinegar if you are cleaning) and spray. Even my stinky diaper trash can is no match for Purify.

With these simple changes, my symptoms disappeared completely. At first I only needed my inhaler every few months, then every once in a blue moon. Now I have not used an inhaler for 7 years. They expired – I took pictures before throwing them out.

How You Can Improve or Eliminate your Symptoms

You can improve or eliminate your asthma symptoms without medications. I strongly suggest you keep a journal and track the scents in your environment. Track the weather each day, humidity etc. Track when you get an asthma attack and what you were around.Journal to determine asthma trigger

Now you may say – I am allergic to dust or mold. I am too! Granted those allergies are moderate and as long as I take steps to avoid they are well controlled. I look back, I always had those symptoms – by themselves never triggered an asthma attack for me. It was the combination of the allergies and loads of chemicals in my environment and my body being on toxic overload.

Essential oils can do wonders for your allergies and asthma while you’re trying to figure things out. They even sell essential oil inhalers!

Do an experiment and eliminate scents in your home and environment too.   Do a gentle detox to purge some of those built up chemicals from your body. See how you feel in a few weeks.

While I suggest eliminating things in your environment, I am not advocating stopping any medications prescribed by your doctor. I’m sharing my experience in curing my asthma in hopes that it will help you do the same!

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