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How to Cut up a Pomegranate

How to cut up a Pomegranate

Are you ready to have your mind blown away by this amazing pomegranate cutting up hack?

Have you ever cut up a pomegranate by taking the seeds out one at a time? I know I have and it’s a painstaking process. My kids ate them faster than I could get the seeds out. With all the health benefits I’m all about my family eating them. I knew there was a better way. I’m going to show you how to cut up a pomegranate – the quick and easy way!

First, cut your pomegranate in half like this along the equator of the fruit (not the ends that connected to the stem):

How to Cut up a Pomegranate

Cut This Way

How to cut up a Pomegranate

Not This Way

Cutting your pomegranate the right way is a very important step to make this hack work.

You can also open the pomegranate by scoring the outside of the pomegranate and prying it open. It is a little more challenging to do but you won’t lose the juice by cutting through the fruit. I just cut them in half because it is easier.

Now gently pull the sides away from the fruit to loosen the seeds inside. Put a bowl in your sink. This gets a little messy. Take one-half of the pomegranate and use the back of a big spoon (metal or wood) and whack the back of the fruit over the bowl. Give it a little muscle and the seeds just pop out.

How to cut up a Pomegranate

Here is what it looks like after a few whacks.

How to cut up a Pomegranate

And after I have removed all the seeds.

How to cut up a Pomegranate

Now repeat on the other side and remove any of the pulp that may have come out with the seeds.

How to cut up a Pomegranate

I like to eat them plain, a handful at a time. What is your favorite way to eat pomegranate seeds?

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Mind Blowing Hack to Cut Up a Pomegranate. Cut up a pomegranate in a few short minutes.

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