Best Pressure Cooker to Buy – GoWise Pressure Cooker Reviews for 6 & 8 Quart Models

Looking for the Best Pressure Cooker to Buy? I asked myself the same question about 6 months ago. Here’s my finding and below is a review of the pressure cooker I chose.

GoWise Pressure Cooker Reviews – 6 & 8 quart models

GoWise Pressure Cooker 8 Quart

Make/Model: GoWise USA GW22620/GW22620 4th-Generation Programmable Pressure Cooker
Inner Pot Dimensions H x Inner Rim x Outer Rim: 7″ x 9.5″ x 10.5″
Pressure Cooker Dimensions L x W x H: 10″ x 12″ x 14″
Weight: 19″
Inner Pot:
Dishwasher Safe Removable 18/12 Stainless Steel Inner Pot
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Stainless steel steam rack, steam basket, rice scoop, and measuring cup
The above description is for the 8 quart model, the 6 quart model varies slightly
Best Price:
: 89.95 (6 Quart); $114.95 (8 Quart)

GoWise Pressure Cooker Description:

The GoWise Pressure cooker replaces your rice cooker, slow cooker, and yogurt maker with 1 simple to use appliance.

There are 16 built-in Smart Programs, 12 cooking options with preset times to cook your food to perfection: “Rice”, “Multigrain”, “Porridge”, “Steam”, “Soup”, “Meat/Stew”, “Bean/Chili”, “Saute”, “Poultry”, “Yogurt”, “Slow Cook”, “Egg Maker”, and a manual time setter.

Stainless steel self locking lid including a sealing gasket with 7 ETL approved safety checks.  Keep your hands safe from burns with the cool touch handles. The GoWise Pressure cooker features a Delay timer (24 hour maximum) and an automatic keep warm setting.

Pressure cookers use high amounts of pressure to cook foods faster than conventional cooking. Since the cooking time is up to 70% shorter – more vitamins and minerals are retained in your foods.

Who is the GoWise Pressure Cooker for?GoWise Pressure Cooker Review for real food real fast

The GoWise Pressure cooker is for busy families and individuals who want a home cooked meal in less time. Eliminate the need for fast food and takeout pizza stops.

Forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner? You can put frozen meat into the pressure cooker and still have dinner in a short time.


  • Pressure Cookers save time, energy and money
  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot without Teflon coating (Teflon is a controversial coating on non-stick cookware)
  • Simple pre-set buttons make cooking easier (more pre-sets than most brands)
  • Price is less than comparable brands with the same quality
  • Hard boiled egg pre-set and yogurt maker pre-set that many other pressure cookers do not have (Making yogurt is a breeze! I’ve made yogurt the hard way for too many years)

GoWise Pressure Cooker Review for real food real fast


  • Stainless Steel Inner Pot is more work to clean – I soak it before washing then use stainless steel Bar Keepers Friend to keep mine looking like new
  • Some customers report a malfunction with the sauté feature – GoWise USA states that the issue has been resolved
  • Recipe book and instruction manual are lacking (Here is a great site for recipes and How to’s for pressure cookers)
  • Steaming broccoli and green beans don’t work well (instruction manual does disclose this)
  • Cooking time is misleading in pressure cookers. The cooking time does not include the time it takes to reach or release the appropriate pressure. Unfortunately this is true of all pressure cookers, regardless pressure cooking is still much faster than conventional cooking.

How GoWise stacks up against the competition

The GoWise Pressure cooker has all the same features of the Instant Pot at a smaller price tag, currently $30 less for the 6 quart model. Both feature a one year warranty and have multipoint safety features.

I wanted the 8 quart model so I had plenty of room to cook my food for our family of 6. I wanted to have the freedom to make a whole chicken or large batches of soup. The InstantPot only comes in a 6 quart model. GoWise offers the 6 quart and 8 quart options.

The 8 quart GoWise Pressure Cooker features a stainless steel inner pot. For my family’s health I avoid the Teflon coating used in pressure cookers like Power Pressure Cooker Pro, MaxiMatic , Elite Platinum, and Elite Platinum Electric.


Q: Can the pressure cooker cook an entire chicken?
A: Absolutely! The 8 quart pressure cooker is large enough to handle a whole chicken.

Q: Can you manually adjust the time and pressure?
A: Yes – the pressure can be manually adjusted to high and low and the time can be increased by hour and minute increments.

Q: Can I use the GoWise Pressure Cooker for canning?
A: No – it does not reach high enough temperatures. I would recommend a stovetop pressure cooker instead if you are interested in it for canning only.

Q: Since the name is GoWise USA – is it made in the USA?
A: The GoWise Pressure Cooker is designed in the USA, but manufactured in China

Bottom Line

A pressure cooker is a great investment for busy families to get delicious, nutritious food on the table fast!  Clean up is easy with only one pot to wash (or put in the dishwasher). It is a quality electric pressure cooker with all the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands with a full one year warranty.

If you are looking for an impressive pressure cooker with all the bells and whistles without the price tag of the more expensive brands than this is the pressure cooker for you. Make life easier on yourself – pick one up today!

Have you used an electric pressure cooker before? Have questions about the GoWise Pressure cooker? Leave a comment below. 

7 thoughts on “Best Pressure Cooker to Buy – GoWise Pressure Cooker Reviews for 6 & 8 Quart Models

  1. Rob

    I currently have a slow cooker and am looking into pressure cookers. I’m not a huge fan of my slow cooker because it only does one thing. I really like appliances that can do multiple things in order to save room and money! Instead of buying many separate things at once.
    I didn’t know pressure cookers could cook yogurt, that’s really awesome. This is a great start for my search, thanks for the info!

    1. Shannon Post author

      I completely agree, I want my appliances to have multiple uses. They have come a long way with ease of use and safety. It is so easy to make yogurt in, I have done it many ways. My 8 year old can make it. Happy shopping!

  2. verna8767

    Hi Shannon,

    I came across your review of this pressure cooker just in time. A few months ago I purchased a Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker, but I am a little disappointed. I didn’t even realize until after I got it that there were no programs or controls for you to select for the different kinds of foods you are cooking. The only thing you have is the timer. I can’t even control the pressure (low or high).

    I have decided to purchase another one. The product you are reviewing looks very similar to the Power Pressure Cooker XL Pro I recently saw advertised. It had 8 and 10 quart and the baskets. I didn’t get any baskets with mine.

    Can you tell me about the Teflon? I throw so many pans away when they get scratched up, but I hate the stainless steel because it is so hard to clean.



  3. Rex Black

    The only thing I see Is the color is too light and not as easy to read but the content is great. Keep up the good work. I am not sure why home is on far right. Do you really need it there if at all. I like your content and how you do not clutter up your site.

  4. Mario

    Hey Shannon! Nice looking pressure cooker, it seems like it will help a lot in the kitchen, I have a normal one or a slow cooker like you call it and may be a good idea to upgrade it for one like this one, I’m not the cooker at my house but it can save a lot of time, it’s worth the money, Thanks for sharing

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